Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday evening.

Good things happen to those who wait.

That was my Pony Up fortune for today. I, umm......forgot it earlier.......but thought I should post it now for those of you who were waiting.

I appreciate folks who care about animals and their welfare. I have many good relationships and folks that I can count on. Thank you......somedays you are the only thing that helps me keep this all worth while.

We are so much stronger in a group than individually. Our voices will be heard and a statement will be made. The message will be made clear that we will not tolerate starving horses and particularly when it is not the first time horses have starved at a particular residence. This is a small town with a large horse community. This community is willing to help those who ask for it but will expose those who neglect and abuse animals. Public record is public record. Tell animal control what you think and write your city officials. Demand accountability and compassion.
An animal is not last month's pair of shoes.


Dawn said...

thank you for helping the horses!

Drillrider said...

Keep doing what is right, no matter what happens.

Read this..........(sigh)..........

At least a couple of lawyers have extended their services. I can't believe the owner of the dogs would help load the dogs into the rescuer's vehicle and then tell police they were "stolen".

Also, just remember, LOTS of people are out here and good to their animals. We care!!!!