Monday, December 28, 2009

Just another manic Monday

Up is raining, still load of laundry, all dogs made, in the to the barn.
I listen to Sarah Vaughn........yikes.....just listening to old CD' oldies station this morning.
To the barn and I turn all the lights on, feed the cats, let the chickens out.......the horses scold me for even thinking about feeding those cats first........the cats meow and love their canned food. I always give them canned food in the morning. Something hearty to start their day.

Jake moves slowly this morning, almost painfully. I worry about him as I fix his grain.......he feels well enough to creep forward into the barn and "steal" hay. I let this point, I may always let him....whatever he wants for as long as he wants.

I warm everyone's grain and give extra beet pulp to TarBaby. We are trying to get a little more weight on the old guy. He eats his slop well, but lacks in the hay department. He is very long in the tooth as they say and a very sloppy eater. He has grain/slop all down his wall and onto the floor. He has worn a spot in the dirt where he sticks his leg out for Beaver......the "you try to bite me, then I try to bite you game"...... horses are so very playful.

Beaver learned to get his head through the gate that separates him and the filly.........and after he gets his head through, then he can get a hold of her grain bucket. She screams at him and he doesn't care...she kicks and he kicks back. Everyone has a personality.......everyone has likes and dislikes......some play well with others and others must live in their own paddocks.
Winston plays rough and so he cannot be trusted, especially with an older or down on their luck horse. He threatens through the fence and tosses his beautiful head...kicks up his heels and scares the rest of them. It is not infrequent that he gets a hold of Churchie's blanket and rips it or helps Churchie remove it. Clowns.

Our new volunteer was at the barn tonight and she brought a friend.........nice people. Welcome!

I got most of the tax information done...ready to file........such a lot of work, so little time to do it. The accountant has been after me for a couple of months. Life can be so complicated over uninteresting things.

I washed my truck today......the first time in .....ummm.........well, I won't say. I also vacuumed it. It was SO dirty. Looks brand new now....and I need to do the horse trailer. The horse trailer needs washing, and maintenance.........wheel bearings.....greasing.........and probably more stuff that I don't know. Soon..........soon.

I keep waiting for things to slow down and they never do. Funny isn't it? Never a dull I do what I can, when I can, keep lists of what I intend to do and prioritize it each day. I need a full day to chores.........maybe next week? ROFL.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow.

It is not what you are going to have, but what you already have.......

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