Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Silence

Quiet cold morning....I bundle up and draw hot water into a water tank, so that I don't have to fool with the hose this morning. Six and a half gallons is HEAVY and I have to carry it with both hands. Of course I heat the truck up and boy, is the truck dirty. I really need to wash it. I go back and grab my coffee, then head for the barn. I listen to Carol King sing Smack Water Jack......does anyone even know that song? I simply have got to find a new channel or a new CD or something... although I always did like Carol King and now I find I cannot get the song off my mind and I will probably hum it all day.

I let the chickens out.....too many roosters, not enough hens.....and there is our peacock Pete. I really am feeling bad for him. He sleeps on the top of the roof of the barn in the rain, cold or wind. I worry about him. I figure he knows more about peacock behavior than me, but's cold out there. The barn cats are fed their morning wet food and today I will find them an electric heated mat......their room is normally warm enough but feels cool this morning. They have several beds and a box to get into, but I am sure they will like a heated mat of some sort.

The horses got some new hay yesterday. They have shown me that it was a total waste of my money to buy that last hay. They hate it and most of it is now called bedding. I threw away more than they ate. They ate ALL of the served new hay.....finicky boys....when I put the hot water in the grain, sometimes it is very watery and Sully especially enjoys drinking the warm liquid.

I break water tank ice so everyone can drink. My hands are freezing and this weather makes them crack and chafe. I should wear gloves all the time....but I don't always think about it and then gloves ruin your dexterity.

I clean paddocks and stalls.......and I sweat a little , then get cold and zip my coat up again and wonder why I didn't put that stupid hat on? or those darn gloves.

I had a nice birthday yesterday and thank you for all the nice birthday wishes. I spent the morning with Kim and Ryan, who helped clean and we ran errands we got diesel fuel, we got poster board and we got Starbucks! Then we took Sully out on a short trail ride and he was a superstar, like I thought he would be. Kim rode him, I walked and Ryan spook, eager to go, no jigging, no fussing.......he will make a stellar trail horse with some time.
We got back and Ryan got his first horse back lesson......from Kim and Sully. They both did well...and we are proud of both of them. We will go on another trail ride next weekend, maybe take Max this time.....I hope it won't rain......

On a good note, I found the puppy's owners. They live down the road and had just gotten her.....let her out and she ran off. I reunited them last night and there were two small kids who were very happy to see their pup. Her name was Molly. I gave them a leash and a crate to help with her training. She is a smart little dog.......we taught her to sit yesterday in just a few minutes. It doesn't take long to get attached.......I was figuring out someway to keep her..but honestly, I lack the proper time. I have dogs of my own and they probably don't get the time they need.......I have a lab who would probably love dog agility and if I had time, I would take her.

Kim made me a lovely wood burning for my birthday.......I treasure it. I also got a Carhart jacket and some perfume, a beautiful planter and some wine. All around good birthday.

Time to stock up on grain and rice bran........I am feeding a small army. Next week everyone gets hoof trims. Vinnie's hoof crack is going to break off and we will move him to a smaller paddock to limit his travels while his hoof grows out.

Off to run some errands, go into town and then back to clean the chicken house.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

There is no confusion in doing the right thing.......make no mistake.

PS.....who votes to continue or discontinue the Pony Up fortunes?

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