Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday.......already late

Thursday morning, early, I have not yet left the house...and I am already late. I have water to carry, horses to feed, water tubs to crack ice in........yikes.
I am listening to our heat run.......the jack russells chewing on bones and the coffee is brewing. No music, my husband is still sleeping. I think it is the coldest it has been all week.......brrr. I really hope it doesn't snow. I love to look at snow but I hate the after effects. I am ready for 80 degrees...somewhere, someplace tropical......coconut lotion, sunglasses and some sand.

I must get going by 5 thirty or I will really be late. I have frozen poop piles that need cleaning, ...but my priorities are warm water grain, fresh water to drink and hay........the poop can go later.
It is taking me an hour to get the simple chores done and then off to work. I must be crazy.

Too cold to leave my big dogs I let them out and let them get drinks.......feed them...and then back to the inside kennel. It is bone chilling out there.

more later.

I am deeply touched by folks who help. Thank you to the family who left hay last night for the starving horses and thanks again to the folks who took them are my heros and you give me faith. There are definitely angels who walk amongst us.


My day off tomorrow. I take the dog to get neutered, have the shoer coming at noon and then go to pick up hay.....lots of catch up chores tomorrow to make up for the weather we have experienced. My poop piles need cleaning.

Kim did most of the chores tonight and together we grained with hot mush, and caught wayward chickens. The barn cats are snug in their beds and all the fawcets are covered. Thank you Kim for carrying water in the dark and not complaining for a second.

Christmas is upon us......gosh, that was fast. I am hardly prepared. I have two presents purchased........only two. ...pathetic, I know. I will have to catch up this weekend I think. I was thinking today I should really bake something and then I thought about how much time that might take and well, hmmm.......maybe I can buy something.
Did I tell you how much I value home made presents? I really do.......I treasure them....heartfelt remembrances of folks I love. I encourage everyone to give and receive them.......Christmas is not about is about our hearts.

I was talking to someone the other day and was asked what is the oldest thing in your possession? Hmmm.......well, I have my Billie Jean King wood tennis racket from when I was sixteen......but I have my neice's diaper pin and t-shirt from when she was a newborn and I was ten. I don't know if she knows that.......she is a grown woman now....but I will always treasure them and the feeling I recall from loving her when she was a baby. I am the youngest of four girls and so I never had a little brother or sister and she was my first experience with a baby......
I am too selfish to give them to her........just yet anyway. :)

I hope your day was good.......I am ready for a little rest and relaxation.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow.

If you feel chained........look for the weak link and escape.

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Dawn said...

thank you PUR for taking care of the innocent