Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday sadness

I hardly slept..........I tossed and turned. I wonder and I worry. I get up early, let my dogs out, feed them, have some toast and then layed down again to see if I could sleep for an hour. I did and then woke up late. Jumped up, brushed my teeth, poured some coffee and got on the road.

Ryan and Kim were already at the barn working. We fed and cleaned , then went and got some hay that was donated to us (thank you Doreen!)........then worked some more, then went to lunch, then came back, cleaned some more......then we went home. I went and did some chores at home, ran some errands and then back to the barn to feed dinner.

It is still cold, we carried water and fed extra hay.............checked blankets.......everyone is comfortable for the night.

We quit feeding the Gig Harbor horse. We had to........we didn't want to.

Animal control must do their job. This cannot be allowed to go on or to happen to another horse. My picture last night was not very clear.........tonight the pictures will be.......and they won't be pretty.

It was mentioned to me today that I was trying to use a starving horse to "make" money for us.........MAKE MONEY? Yeah........there is a lot of money in this rescue business.....mostly mine. The hay we were dropping over the fence obviously didn't cost us any money.....and the water we carried, well it wasn't heavy and didn't take any time or any gas to get there....and the blanket we put on the just appeared out of thin air. Yeah, this is all about the money..........we don't care about anything else around here.

You try to help people and they say ugly things. They are ignorant of the very essence of horse rescue and what it takes financially, emotionally and personally. You tire of the excuses.......the ignorance, the stupidity, the take care of animals that folks throw away, you invest your own time, your own money and your very soul........and then you get people who say you are in it for the money. I have two words for you ........

You know who you are. You have no regard for your animals, no compassion, no intellect and almost certainly no soul. Anyone who could look out in their pasture at a starving carcass of a horse and not feel sheer terror at what they had done.........anyone who could drive up and down their driveway while their animals were hungry and crying out for food......anyone who could sit in the comfort of their home while there was no water for your animals to drink.........

I would hate to be you. Empty.......just plain empty inside.

I think that what goes around, comes around. When your lips are cracked and your tongue is swollen and you cry for water, there will be none..........when the cold is so fierce against your skin, there will be no warming..........when hunger rages in your body and mind, there will be no food to satisfy you........when you crave companionship, there will be none.........when you call for help, it will fall on deaf ears. No one will care for you in old age and you will die alone and helpless.


Denali said...

People who think Rescues "make money" are crazy!! I love people who think that the "adoption fee" is too high when it's $500.00, even though thousands of dollars to get the horse ready for adoption. I hope that the people who said that are the ones who can't sleep at night. You did the best that you can. I hope that the person who owns those horses gets what's coming to him/her.

appywoman said...

I am a big believer in "what goes around comes around", and those that turn away from those in need will find themselves in that very situation, whining about how no one cares. So sad,too bad. May not happen today, tomorrow or even next week, but the time will come when you are in desperate need and none will be there. Should you recieve help from the "rescued " themselves I hope you feel the shame and humiliation of your previous actions and give back.

Dawn said...

Thank you for all you do for all the horses and ponies. you would think helping animals would be easy, but far from it.
I hope the owner of the starving horse and donkeys gets his one day.

SusanneP said...

It take a great person to extend their hearts and wallets to an animal they don't know. Especially when the animal is in terrible shape and you don't know that you can do much except to extend comfort for a few days. Your a hero! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!!