Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday.....long holiday almost over

Wow.....the holiday is almost over, the new year almost here. We had an uneventful weekend.
No major projects going, just the everyday chores that must be done. poop, grooming horses and cleaning the barn.
Saturday we cleaned paddocks and stalls, then went to the feed store and got grain and bedding.
The shoer came and TarBaby, Max and Winston got their feet trimmed. Jake was on the list but he was not all that steady and so we decided to wait another week. His feet are a mess, but are really the least of his problems right now.
We gave haircuts to everyone and cut tails so that they won't be stepped on. We checked weights on horses........and Vinnie is his grain ration is cut down. We added some grain to TarBaby's and we added vitamins to Jake's ration.
Jake spent some time in the sun today and yesterday.......he got a little sweaty and so we put a cooler on him for a while....he was dry when I came back this afternoon and I reblanketed him.
We got him a new blanket yesterday so that the old one can be washed. He is still eating good........cleans up all of his hay and is very vocal for his grain. He is coming along and I have hopes he will make it.
We had a lovely Christmas......nice homemade gifts from several people......jams, cookies, and various desserts that I do not need to eat for another year. ...several bottles of wine. My favorite Leaping Horse Merlot......
A nice holiday party with lots of great friends......what more can you ask for? Oh and the sun was out too..........such a bonus. I said today that it is only four months until April....four short months.......and the weather will turn around.....the days will be longer.......the pasture will be better frozen hoses, no using the defrost in the truck.
I came home this afternoon and got some stuff done that I was putting off...........TAXES....end of the year stuff.........I paid some bills too........early, so that I won't have to mess with it later this week........I love to be caught up and finished.....I am sure everyone else does too.

I switched the horses over to Allegra Cadence. So far I like the quality and they seem to like the taste of it. I cut mostly everyone's rations down except for TarBaby and Jake. I increased their beet pulp. We have mostly TB's and the grain equals high spirits.......can't pay attention.........I have to run around the paddock like a screaming meemie kind of thing. Because we have volunteers.......we have to keep them safe from hyper active hooves and 12oo lb bodies....not just the too! It is easy to keep feeding what you feed, but you really must pay attention to weight and how much hay is wasted. Fortunately, I throw very little hay out when I clean stalls.......they clean it up and waste a very small amount.

So one more holiday to pass and then we are home free for a while......January always seems to be a long month. It will be hard to start writing even sounds weird....doesn't it?

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a full report on our Sully and Yukon....both in foster homes. No news is good news I hope?

Enjoy your week.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Be particular when you listen ........ and listen well.

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