Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday comes around

Up early, leave the house is cold, as usual.....a double feature now that it is raining.
Soggy paddocks, steamy breath from warm grain........chickens in the barn. Jake has made a mess, which really only means everything is working. When I dump his grain slop into his bucket he pushes my hand and the bucket away so that he can start the business of eating.
Soon I have a virtual chorus of slurping and bucket thumping which I find comforting.

I feed the cats and tell them that today they really must leave their room.......I take the tiger striped one and place her on the hay bales......but she runs back to the safety of the I take the calico and put her on the hay.....and she too runs back. must be.....I leave the door open for them as I do each morning so that maybe they will venture out. The chickens feel free to go in and get the dry cat food crumbles, one even laid an egg in their bed...but the cats won't come out.

The weekend will come and we have chores to do........move manure piles......fix some fencing....groom horses.........move hay, tractor work......arena fencing. ...boy those horses are hard on the arena fence.

Pete the peacock is still hanging around and I guess he really is not leaving on his own. I thought he might find his way back to his own farm. How do you keep those things on your own place because it seems like they just wander....for miles. He is hanging with the chickens and they don't seem to care. He walks around with them and naps with them...and he clacks his beak at me. some kind of warning to not come close. ...not sure why, because he runs if you walk after him. He makes a strange noise somewhat like when you blow air through a reed that goes on an instrument and he makes it over and over again......every once in a while he screams a high pitched noise that sounds like "help me". No kidding.

On my way to work and I listen to The Honeydrippers sing "Sea of Love". ..
Traffic is light and I think that everyone except me must have the week off. No Starbucks this morning........just my home brewed stuff in my new travel mug. There will probably be Starbucks for lunch.

Off to bed, lots of things to do tomorrow.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow

Say yes and follow through.

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Drillrider said...

My step-son once told his Dad, really seriously, that they had to rush outside because a woman was yelling "help me". So my husband went out to check and it was a peacock!! So, yes, it does sound exactly like that!!