Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Welcome to Wednesday is cold.........the Lab is out, I am drinking coffee......making a list about my day and what I need to get done, who I need to call, who I need to thank.........
Let me publicly thank the Berglunds and Mindy from RainSong.......they are taking wonderful care of Sully and Lauren has had him out for his first ride. I am derelict in my duties of posting the photo they sent, but it is on my phone and shall soon be on the blog!
Also, thanks to Doreen, and C! for taking Yukon. He loves his big pasture!

I have to work at my real job all day today and then part of the day tomorrow........then three days off! I do have a few Christmas decorations thrown up.......but no tree. Too much work for me right now.

Kathie, it was nice chatting with you yesterday......I hope I can see your horses and ranch someday. Enjoy your Christmas!

Cliff and Tina........thank you for your recent donation. It will be used to buy much needed hay.

Brenda, thanks for the blanket for Jake. He is wearing two of them to keep him warm. I didn't have anything small enough. You saved us.

Kim , Kelsey and the Stiffey's and Ryan, thank you for your long term devotion and committment to cleaning stalls, feeding animals, building shelters and whatever else needs to be done.

We were glad to be part of the Running Start program this year and to have Devon and Lauren choose us as their community project! Thank you for the hard work and continued support.

I am very thankful for our supporters and I always appreciate the kind words left on our blog or on our forum. I have met many long term friends.

off to start my day.........

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