Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas morning

Up a little early.......still dark and it is freezing, the grass crunches under my feet while I walk the dogs. I am glad for a warm vest and thick socks. I come back in the house for fresh coffee. The house is quiet except for a begging cat who wants to be fed right NOW! One fresh can of Seafood Pate coming right up.
I check email for a while, then straighten a few thing up, put some wash in and head for the barn.
I listen to Christmas music on the way......Brenda Lee singing Rocking Around the Christmas tree.
I get to the barn and everyone is lined up for breakfast. I throw hay, heat water, feed chickens, clean Jake's stall, clean TarBaby's stall.......head back and prepare grain/beetpulp/bran. I really must wear some latex gloves as the mixture dries my skin out.......maybe I should wear it as a facial mask?
Jake cleaned up all of his hay and was eager for his grain mixture. He always wants more. We up his quantity slowly. I can already see a little difference in him.
I empty trash, sweep up a little and then give everyone carrots and apples (courtesy of auntie Kim).
Then I head back to the house to spend the day with family.

I don't want to spend my morning writing about the crap we encounter while we rescue and rehab horses.......the nut jobs that we deal with...I could write a fact I should...but..
they don't deserve the attention today......

The sun is out.......bright.......I could almost think it was summer if it didn't feel so cold. It looks like it will be nice all day...good day for a long walk in the woods or a game of lawn football.

Merry Christmas!

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