Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday continues.......

Just one of THOSE days.
You get home (or back to the barn)......and all hell has broken loose. Max has ripped his blanket in half, Beaver is in with TarBaby and there has been bloodshed in the chicken coop.

How does a horse rip half of his blanket off? Then try to fit him with an new blanket and he is too long in the back , too fat in the 87 is tight. Good grief. He looks like he is wearing something two sizes too small now......but it was the best fit I had.

Beaver has chased TarBaby around and made a mess of his stall.,,he took the fence down and climbed right into TB's paddock. Devil horse.

There is a chicken missing...feathers everywhere.

Those stalls that I stripped yesterday? Gross.

I need two of me. I need it to be daylight again at 4pm. I need to have a talk with the horses about team work and taking care of your things....using the proper toilet facilities and keeping your room clean.

all in a day's work. Saturday cannot come soon enough, so I can work four hours straight and get things organized again.

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appywoman said...

mY HORSES TRY TO MIMIC Everything I do except how to pick up manure and fill the water tank. lol