Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday morning

I can't sleep in......too much to do, too many thoughts running through my head.

I would like to raise some money for a ton of hay to feed the "starving horses" in Gig Harbor. The folks who have been feeding them have used their own hay and they are getting by like the rest of us in this economy. The hay costs 175 a ton, which is cheap.... so I am asking that if you have a few dollars to spare, until we get this thing ironed out, if we could get 175 dollars together and buy some hay. I am really not sure how long it will take to resolve it. but regardless the horses need to eat and it is not their fault. I have permission to feed them. I encourage you to call Animal Control of Pierce County and lodge your complaint.....the horses are near Point Fosdick. I would also think about buying some large bales so that the horses could eat 24 hours....but I must figure out if there is a shelter for the hay.

I forgot my water bucket at the barn, so I will have to go down there and back here and back there. I hate it when I forget.......too much to do I think or I am just plain old....maybe both.

My Rottie figured out how to get out of his crate last night......and seriously damaged the crate with his watermelon is now bent and the door will not close. He must know what is coming more rear end jewelry to sport. Poor guy. I thought these crates were made for big dogs? You know the lab stays in her crate without the door being shut.......this lab is a good dog....the first lab I ever owned...but she is bad with the small dogs......and will nip them as fast as lightning. I go...........brrrrrr, it is cold....14 degrees. AOL lies says it is 37 degrees......maybe in California...not here.

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