Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday morning

Gee ...7:41 and it is still dark. I am waiting on the Lab to come back from her morning romp, drinking some coffee and wondering why it is still so dark? It is drizzling outside and cool, with low hung fog in the trees, hanging on them like some scene out of a backwoods swamp.

We had the Christmas party last night and it was fun.........good food, laughter and spirits....homemade goodies and a fun present one was hurt in the tussle over gifts!

Yesterday we got a lot done, but not everything.......we ran out of time........but we did get the manure pile moved (it was smoking hot......yikes!), we got TarBaby home and we got more gravel put in his run. We attempted to install the new water heater but lacked the appropriate fittings, so we will have to try again today. I never hooked up a water heater of course, I left it to Kim.......did you know that it came with minimal instructions? We almost burned the box before we found that the only instructions are on the outside of the box....oops.

I ate too many cookies yesterday. I freely admit it and I resolve to be better have to love Christmas though........all of that baking that I don't have to do. .. :) I cannot be trusted with Christmas cookies in my not, for my sake, hand me least not today.

I take Yukon to a new foster home today. He will share a pasture with two other older horses, with his own stall. He will get ridden out on some trails, get a lot of treats and have access to a huge field. Thank you Doreen and C! We will have his hind shoes pulled this week. I hope I have an older saddle that fits him......he has huge withers and broad shoulders.......the kind of horse you hate to fit........because it usually means custom.

Jake ate well yesterday, cleaned up all of his hay and ate all of his beetpulp/ricebran/senior mix. He is still weak and has a hard time with his balance. He cannot/will not lay down because he lacks the strength to get back up. If you move him over you must be careful to not unbalance him and give him time to situate himself. He loves to have you stand next to him and softly put your hands around his face.......he falls asleep and his head becomes very heavy.
We left his gate open yesterday while we worked and he again ate hay from the hay stack......he prefers it over what he has in his stall, which is the very same hay, I might add. Briann babysat him while we worked to make sure he didn't get into trouble while grazing the hay stack.

I simply must get some Christmas shopping done today. I am so late. I haven't even made a list.
Almost 8 am and it is still weird.

I got my husband a heat/motion activated camera for Christmas. You anchor it to a tree and it will snap photos of "live"motion/bodies.........we hope to see what is back in our woods. We have had it up for 48 hours, so today we will check it out!

Off to the barn, the Lab is back and everyone has eaten breakfast, so time for the horses.....they will scold me for being late.

enjoy your day, get your Christmas chores done..........

Pony UP fortune for today:

You will find treasure in something cast aside.

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